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Sermon 4 Kids is a History-Activity-Puzzle Work Sheet using the artwork of Martin Young at BibleCartoons.co.uk . Sermon 4 Kids are for children ages 3 to 12. (Warning: Grown-ups are known to work on them also.) Sermon 4 Kids goes from Creation through John's Revelation base on the NLT, NIV and NLV translation of the Bible for the kids to have a better understanding of the Bible in a Fun Learning Activity way.

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Why Sermon 4 Kids?

Churches and Bible studies: Many Churches and Bible study groups want the children to be present, what a great way for them to learn and study along with you with a worksheet that is from that chapter and book of the Bible that you are working on. Instead of having bored children making paper airplanes (made from the bulletins), or bringing in very simple activity coloring books to color. Have them work and learn from Sermon 4 Kids.

Homeschool: Have your children learn the Bible through fun activity worksheets by Bible chapter of the books. What a great way to learn Biblical history.